Information about using your radio is provided in the Radio Handbook for Coastal Vessels distributed by Maritime New Zealand. These procedures have been developed primarily to promote safety at sea, and follow international standards.

Initial contact should be made on Marlborough-Nelson Radio's channels of 01, 28, 60, 63, 65, or 66, then if both parties are in close proximity they should change to a working channel, either 06 or 08 for ship to ship, or 71 or 74 for ship to shore.

06 or 08 for ship to ship
71 or 74 for ship to shore

Resorts should scan 63 and 71 or 74 - this is particularly relevant in the Sounds during peak seasons to ease pressure on the main channels.

When entering or exiting Tory Channel, include Channel 18 in your scan mode to ascertain ferry movements.