The Marlborough-Nelson Radio Executive has looked at the services offered to members and in particular the way a vessel's intentions and current position is logged.  Consideration has been given to what members want and issues of liability and the ability of operators to follow up situations as they arise.

There are two types of reports that Marlborough-Nelson Radio operators will accept.  They are Position Reports and Trip Reports.

Position Reports

A Position Report enables a vessel to register its current position and to provide members with the reassurance and ability to tell somebody where they currently are.  It can also be used to register a vessel's possible boating intentions.

Position Reports will not be handed over to the next day's operator and will not be followed up or emergency services contacted if the vessel is not heard from again.

Trip Reports

A Trip Report formally logs a vessel's voyage from Point A to Point B and must be updated or terminated by the vessel’s stated arrival time.  In the event a vessel fails to establish contact after logging a Trip Report authorities will be notified and a search for the vessel may be instigated.

Trip Reports will only be taken by an operator on the basis that they are concluded by 2200 on the same day.  If a vessel's voyage is to continue after 2200 a Trip Report should be logged with Maritime Radio on VHF channel 16.

Marlborough-Nelson Radio encourages all members to log Trip Reports and Position Reports as a safety measure.