Call signs are a unique identifier for your vessel and are an important consideration for your safety.

They will help rescue services know exactly who and what they are looking for and should be used when placing Trip Reports or making Mayday or other urgent calls.  Have your call sign displayed prominently near your radio so there is no delay in giving this vital piece of information.

If you don't know your current call sign then please contact Coastguard Boating Education who can help you to update your existing call sign or provide you with a new one.


Marlborough Radio operators are usually monitoring more than one channel and so have their radio set on scan.  When contacting Marlborough Radio it assists the operators if you identify the channel you are calling on by using the appropriate call sign for Marlborough Radio:

Channel 01 Marlborough Radio zero-one
Channel 05 Marlborough Radio zero-five
Channel 63 Marlborough Radio six-three
Channel 65 Marlborough Radio six-five